Your Tire Tread Is Key To Good Traction

The tread on your vehicle's tires are what give you your traction. That is why it is such an important thing to monitor on your vehicle. And being that your tires are what make contact with the road while you drive, it is only natural that they suffer some of the worse wear and tear.

If your tire tread is worn down past the acceptable level, then you will start to notice a lack of traction and handling, this is going to be more noticeable when the road is wet. Without the proper amount of tread to displace the water, you will certainly notice slippage underneath you, especially when taking off from a stop or going uphill.

Maintaining the proper air pressure in your tires and getting them rotated regularly every 3000-5000 miles will help them to last longer, and wear down more evenly. This is going to give you the best traction for longer periods of time. So if you haven't done so recently, call or visit our service department here at Hayward Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Hayward, WI and let us do a tire inspection and rotation for you today.


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