Bad Fuel Pump Warning Signs

You certainly don't want to be driving in Hayward, WI when your vehicle stalls out. It's a disconcerting feeling being stuck in the middle of the road with no way to go anywhere. One reason for engine stalls is fuel system problems. Before a fuel pump goes bad, there are often some warning signs.

If you've noticed that your car isn't getting as good gas mileage, that is a sign of a possible fuel pump problem. When a fuel pump is starting to go bad, you may also notice that your vehicle sputters when going up a hill or when your vehicle is under stress. Many times, your fuel light on the dash will illuminate if the fuel pump is starting to act up.

If you suspect that your vehicle might be having a fuel system issue, contact Hayward Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. The service department can diagnose and repair fuel pump and fuel system issues.

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