Diagnosing an Exhaust Leak to Prevent Larger Issues

Many times when an exhaust system noise first occurs, it is because of a small leak. The leak can become a larger issue if the exhaust system is not repaired, which is why you want to be able to identify the warning signs as early as possible.

A chief indicator of an exhaust system leak is a "hissing" or "popping" noise, which can be heard while the engine is running with the vehicle in park or neutral. It’s harder to hear the noise if the vehicle is in motion, not only because of the movement, but also because of other sounds within the vehicle such as music, the heater, or air conditioner. In order to have the best opportunity to hear the noise, you want to pay close attention when starting your engine.

To get a complete diagnosis, schedule an appointment with Hayward Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Hayward, WI for an exhaust system check!

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