How to Diagnose a Problem Battery

A vehicle’s electrical system consists of a complex circuit that powers many components. If any of these components fail, the car’s battery is a great first choice to diagnose as a root cause.

Batteries typically fail over a period of time. As a battery begins this process, the voltage it contributes to the electrical systems gradually reduces, but doesn’t necessarily shut right off. Symptoms include longer engine cranking when starting, the appearance of a battery light in the dashboard, odor along with visible corrosion on the battery, and a battery age of over three years. The best way to verify your battery as a problem is to have it checked, fixed, and replaced by a dependable automotive professional.

Hayward Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Hayward, WI has the right people, equipment, and experience to quickly find and solve battery and other electrical problems in virtually any car or truck. Call us today and we’ll restore full power to your vehicle!


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